Soulful singer/songwriter with pure, soaring vocals

Christine Alicia effortlessly soars through an incredible vocal range in her performances. Originally from Orange County, California, her captivating voice has earned her a growing local and global audience.

Through her original songs, Christine expresses the joys and beauty of life, the intimacy of vulnerable relationships, and the hope and healing she’s discovered in times of brokenness. Authentic lyrics paired with her gripping “angel voice” connect with listeners of all walks of life. As a performing artist, Christine is also praised for breathing new life into everyone’s favorite pop, oldies, and rock songs by creating beautiful acoustic arrangements.

Christine is passionate about living authentically as the person she was created to be and encouraging others to embrace that same freedom. In her experience, true liberty begins at the decision to face head-on the darkness, insecurity, deep emotional wounds, and any other obstacles getting in the way. She has found genuine healing and freedom through her relationship with Jesus Christ and credits her restored heart to God’s grace.

Now she passionately shares her songs to encourage others, regardless of backgrounds or beliefs. And while she believes in finding freedom from lies and social pressures in everyday living, Christine is also committed to freeing literal modern-day slaves:

“I feel anyone who is not enslaved has the responsibility to fight for the freedom of someone who is.”

Her debut Christmas EP, “Coming to Save” was recorded as a project to raise money for The A21 Campaign, a global anti-sex trafficking organization. Christine donates 100% of the profit from her album to the cause.

Her recent single, “Battles” has been used to create support for victims of sexual abuse as well as raise awareness for Fighting For Me, a nonprofit organization which provides FREE sexual abuse counseling to anyone affected by sexual abuse. The song image for “Battles” is in participation of Fighting For Me’s #WarpaintCampaign, and the song instrumentation has been donated for use in Fighting For Me’s radio PSA’s.

In her budding musical career, Christine has performed on notable stages such as The Yost Theater in Santa Ana, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” at the St. Regis, Monarch Beach, UCI’s Bren Event Center, and the Santa Ana Stadium. She has also appeared as a guest speaker and performer on KBRT AM740, Southern California’s largest Christian talk radio station, and SBN Television Station in Santa Fe, New Mexico.