by Christine Alicia

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Released 2020

Behind the Song

Would you believe that getting scammed online inspired much of this song? An out-of-state scammer posed as a client for my web design business stole so much money from me that I couldn’t afford groceries.

I was devastated, heartbroken, and angry. But soon after, I realized that the most important things in my life could never be taken by some jerk online. “I’ve got riches money can’t buy” became my motto to help me move forward.

A few other unfortunate experiences inspired me to finally finish “Riches.” I chose to forgive the people who wronged me, and I found it was much easier when I focused on the treasure I have that can never be taken from me.

This song is an anthem for anyone who’s been burned and is ready to overcome without letting the thief (literal or figurative) get to the core of who you are deep inside. Your heart and the things closest to you are riches money can’t buy!